Our Work

Through higher education, young citizens gain a wider understanding of both their country and the world around them. 

By introducing our globally-recognised Internationalising Higher Education programme to Jordan, we are now linked with public and private universities and governmental bodies as well as partners in the UK.

This has helped us develop our expertise in the areas of: 

  • Policy
  • Quality assurance
  • Academic research
  • Employability and career development
  • Leadership and management.

Our Aims

As part of this programme we aim to:

  • Work with concerned stakeholders and UK partners on strategy and policy development 
  • Encourage local and international discussion and debate around higher education issues and challenges
  • Support government policies for increased growth in employment through skills-based qualifications 
  • Take part in professional networks and dialogue that promote information sharing  
  • Encourage employers to be engaged in Higher Education to develop “Employability Led Curricula” 

Our Contribution in Building Capacity of “Faculty Development and Quality Assurance Centres”

The overall aim of the programme is to deliver a bespoke professional development and capacity building training programme for the current directors of the 32 Faculty Development and Quality Assurance Centres in Jordanian universities. The programme will develop the directors’ fit-for-purpose leadership and management skills, and enhance their knowledge and appreciation of contemporary higher education learning strategies, and how to plan, monitor and evaluate these. 

Our Activities

The programme will open doors for us to showcase our expertise internationally. We have undertaken a scoping study on the situation of the “Faculty Development and Quality Assurance Centers” at the Jordanian Universities to build on findings and outcomes. Three development workshop will be designed and hosted at three Universities in the next few months.

The Entrepreneurial University UK Study Tour

Four delegates representing four Jordanian Universities  (Princess Sumaya  University for Technology, German Jordanian University, Luminus Education and Ammon Applied University College  have visited Plymouth University in October 2016. The aim of the visit was to familiarise participants with successful British entrepreneurial university models and examples. As such, enhancing the Jordanian participants willingness, commitment and motivation to accelerate the transformation processes of their universities into entrepreneurial institutions that will enrich and advance the student experience and their employability potential.

Main achievements in the Jordanian Universities as a result of learning participation in the study tour which contributed in enhancing and advancing the students’ experience and their employability potential.

  • Luminus Students are starting to receive a consistent message and standard re transferable skills and opportunities to practice and develop throughout their course of study not just in dedicated session at the start of their programmes.  This allows them to develop their competence. The collaboration between the Jordanian Universities and Plymouth University have resulted in signing a Memorandum of Understanding between Plymouth University and Princess Sumaya  University for Technology to offer joint degree in Management.
  • German Jordanian University (GJU) students will be trained on innovation and entrepreneurship since the early stages of their study at GJU, where they will be trained on how to convert their ideas into a business after graduation.
  • Ammon Applied University College (AAUC) has formed an Entrepreneurship club to undertake the following responsibilities:
  1. Spread the Entrepreneurship concept across the college
  2. Conduct awareness sessions on Entrepreneurship and  start-up business
  3. Enhance the students’ employability skills

National Education Employer Dialogue (NEED)

In focusing upon the Graduate Enterprise Services dimension of the entrepreneurial university model (Al-Dajani et al, 2014) in Jordan, the Core Group of the British Council (Jordan) sponsored Jordanian Entrepreneurial University Programme identified these burgeoning services in Jordan’s universities, alongside the need for academic and professional services staff capacity building, to enhance the impact and effectiveness of these services.  As such, the Core Group designed the National Education Employer Dialogue (NEED) series during their meeting in December 2016 in Amman to focus on this priority.

The first capacity building workshop was held on 27&28 March 2017, for higher education academics and professional services staff focusing on ‘embedding employability in higher education’. 

For more information about NEED 1 workshop please read our full report here.

We will be conducting NEED 2 seminar in December 2017.

Our Updates

Signing Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Jordan.

As part of the “Internationalisation of Higher Education” Project in Jordan, British Council has signed a Memorandum of Understanding “MoU” with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on 11 Oct 2017. The MoU will  promote the British Council’s role as a partner to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, specifically BC’s contribution to the national vision of the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education in building the capacity of the 32 Directors of Faculty Development and Quality Assurance Centres at the Jordanian Universities. Through conducting three training workshops in the period between October 2017-February 2018 and in partnership with ‘Plymouth University’.

Workshop 1: Professional Training for the Directors for the Faculty Development and Quality Assurance Centres in the Jordanian Universities.

The British Council in Collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has developed a Professional Career Development Training programme and in cooperation with Plymouth University - UK. This programme is targeting the Directors of Faculty Development and Quality Assurance Centres in Jordanian Universities, through conducting three training workshops.

The first workshop have been conducted on29 & 30 October 2017 at the University of Jordan, This will be followed by another two workshops that will be conducted in December 2017 and February 2018 at The Hashemite University and the Applied Science University.

The outcomes of the first workshop are:

  1. Enhanced knowledge of integrated high quality learning and curricula models and programme design
  2. Understanding of: co-creation in learning, blended and e-learning models, flexible learning models, digital literacy, open education resources, flipped classroom and other methods
  3. Appreciation of the importance of employability in the curriculum, and understanding how to embed employability within the curriculum
  4. Appreciation and understanding of continuous and enhanced assessment strategies, and their contribution to enriched learning
  5. A draft ‘content’ plan for a training programme to be offered at the Faculty Development and Quality Assurance Centres on up-to-date and relevant higher education learning strategies
  6. A draft strategic plan for embedding up-to-date higher education learning strategies within the curricula of the university, where relevant.

This programme will also enhance the knowledge of the Directors of Faculty Development and Quality Assurance Centres and appreciation of contemporary higher education learning strategies, how to plan, monitor and evaluate the learning strategies

This programme comes in line with the new Jordanian (Human Resources Strategy) for enhancing and developing the education in Jordan, and will also support the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s efforts to establish a National Centre for open Educational Resources and E-learning in Jordan’s Universities.

Read more about our activities on the British Council Internationalising Higher Education website.

More Information

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