Who it’s for

Our Professional Skills courses are designed for those at B1 (Intermediate) and above, looking to get ahead in their career. 


Our courses go beyond English focusing on specific written and spoken communication skills for the workplace. 

How it works

  • Placement tests are conducted
  • Proposal sent to client
  • Contract signed and paid for
  • Training course begins 

Training Packages

20 – Maximum number of participants in a class

32 – Number of training hours on a standard course

100 – Cost in JOD per hour of training. This translates to JOD 160 per student per course or JOD 5 per student per hour of training in a class of 20

Golrokh Ansari-Khah-Team leader JOSY 

New Perspectives through academic Education and Training for Young Jordanians and Syrians

"I would recommend any other international organisation to seek the support and experience of British Council. The British Council does not only offer English courses but also offers CV-writing classes and IELTS-preparation classes."