Tuesday, 06 March 2018 to Wednesday, 07 March 2018

What is Schools Now?

After two successful conferences in Abu Dhabi and Sri Lanka, we are delighted to announce the third annual British Council Partner Schools Global Network’s Schools Now! conference The goal of British Council’s Schools Now conference which came under the Partner Schools Global Network is to encourage thought leadership in the education sector through interaction, the exchange of ideas, and collaboration. 

This year’s theme is Innovation in Education at a system, school and classroom level. Over the course of two days, we will hold keynote speeches, plenaries, panel discussions, breakout sessions and gallery walks, featuring school leaders, board representatives and education specialists from around the world. We will explore current technology impacting education, look at Child Protection in the digital arena, and also hear from students on how they view evolution in education in the future.  

Please visit our Facebook page for more information on sessions and speakers, and for live updates over the conference days. You can also follow us on Twitter @JoBritish.

What's on Offer?

The conference will consist of a mix of keynote speeches, plenary papers, panel discussions and shorter paper presentations. The conference will enable policy makers, school leaders and academics to collaborate together exchanging ideas, experiences and policies.Download the Schools Now! 2018 full programme. 

Keynote Speakers Presentations and Videos 

Linda Peck, Presentation Video  Janet MorrisPresentation Video
Kate Brunt, Presentation Video Caroline Hurst, Presentation Video 
Jamie Kirkaldy, Presentation Video Peter Jones, Presentation Video 
Maryam RabPresentation Video Owen HenkelPresentation Video
Hasan Khattak with Higher Achievers  Furqan BashirPresentation Video
Eugenie Teasley with Taqqadam   

Breakout Sessions and Gallery Walks Presentations 

Junaid Mubeen
Jonathan Warner
Sylvia Paddock
Farhan Kalim
Dalia Rostom Shammas Zia
Emad Oddtallah Paul Smith
Mahammad ul Haq Yashodhara Prasai

Event Album

Day One  Link 
Day Two Link