Update from 10/12/2020

The British Council agreed with the Ministry of Education the processes and procedures for UK international exams for October/November in light of Covid-19.

Main procedures agreed are as follows:

  • Permits will be issued for candidates throughout the examination period to ensure they can still attend the exam sitting in case of a lockdown.
  • Candidates testing positive for Covid-19 are no longer required to take a PCR test at the end of their 14 days quarantine period.
  • Candidates who were in contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case will no longer be required to take PCR test to attend the exam. However, they need to closely monitor their health condition in case of any symptoms.

Update from 10/8/2020

British School programme October/November 2020 exams update

The British Council agreed with the Ministry of Education to issue electronic permits for students sitting for their exams during the weekend lockdown announced by the Government of Jordan on 9 October. Students are requested to contact their schools to obtain all the needed details to arrive at the exams venue. Private candidates will be contacted directly by the British Council team

Update from 9/22/2020

Following the approval of the Jordanian Ministry of Education to resume October- November 2020 exams series, we confirm that the British Council will administer school exams fully in line with the latest health and safety regulations issued by the Jordanian Government, the examining boards guidelines as well as with the British Council school exams global standards which have been developed in light of Covid-19.

The exams series will take place with proper dispositions in place, including:

Increased number of venues: we have increased the number of assigned exams venues from 7 to 31, to accommodate social distancing.

Health and safety measures: we have set clear guidance on health and safety measures and standards for exams venues to follow, including:

  • Temperature check for candidates and staff.
  • Mandatory facemasks and gloves on site at all times.
  • A bespoke policy for handling personal belongings, waiting areas, testing rooms and exits.

Enhanced hygiene measures: all exams venues will be cleaned in advance of the exam session. Cleaning staff will be on site whenever we are open to ensure prompt sanitisation of surfaces and bathroom facilities after every use.

Emergencies response: we have developed a comprehensive policy for emergency cases' management. It engulfs two essential elements: enhancing the pre-test readiness of the exams team and managing any medical emergencies on the test day.

Staff training: all staff and venue staff will be fully trained on these health and safety measures including the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), management of emergency cases as well as the layout and standards of the customer journey to ensure effective and safe management of the exam session.

Given the unprecedented nature of this pandemic, the British Council will continue to follow all directives made by the Jordanian Government.
Should the situation change and affect plans for exams, we will communicate with candidates and schools and liaise with exam partners on the next steps.

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