Our Partners

Ministry of Education

School Exams

The School Exams have signed a protocol with the Ministry of Education to support the management and the running of the Schools British Curriculum within our network of accredited private schools. The aim of the protocol is to regulate roles and responsibilities of the involved parties including the examining boards we deal with as well as looking after the administrative aspect of the operation running including the equivalency for the British programme, certification process and validating a reference point for any arising cases related to schools or students.

European Union

The LASER Programme

The programme is funded by the European Union and delivered by the British Council, targeting Syrians and disadvantaged Jordanian youth inside Jordan and Lebanon. It consists of face-to-face English and academic skills courses, as well as short online courses (MOOCS AND SPOCS) and internationally-accredited online degree courses in partnership with Amity University and the Open University.


UNICEF Makani Centres

The British Council worked with 50 teachers from the UNICEF Makani centres in Amman and Irbid on a blended teacher training project to create inclusive classrooms using puppets, flashcards and understanding learner motivation.


World Voice Programme 

The British Council launched World Voice Programme in partnership with UNRWA in 2014 to improve the English language among UNRWA schools, building confidence and acceptance of using songs inside classrooms. 

Connecting Classrooms “ Educators for the Future”

The Programme aims to improve learning outcomes for students and equip young people with deep learning skills in order for them to participate in a global economy.

Al Balad Theater

Hakaya Storytelling Programme

This programme aims to build the capacity of young people and give them the voice to express themselves through storytelling art form. 

Arab Innovation for Training and Consultancy

Young Arab Voices 

This programme aims to empower young people in Jordan to raise their voices in order to enhance the culture of dialogue.

Arab Reform Initiative in Partnership with Olof Palme International Centre

Tahdir for Syria

The Tahdir for Syria project aims to build capacity with Syrian professionals in Local Administration, Security Sector Reform, Sustainable Reconstruction to become actors of change in their local communities and to build an inclusive and democratic society in their country. 


British Council & LOYAC Employer Engagement

This programme aims at building the capacity of the private sector in HR departments on Internships in addition to developing LOYAC’s soft skills training programme for interns & place LOYAC as the national internship provider in Jordan.


German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), British Council Campus France and Nuffic

HOPES (Higher and Further Education Opportunities and Perspectives for Syrians)

Al Quds College, Hashemite University, Jordan University of Science and Technology.

This project aims at improving prospects for young Syrians and contributing to the preparation of the post-crisis reconstruction of Syria. The project seeks to provide better access to quality further and higher education opportunities for refugees of post-secondary-age from Syria as well as young people in the host communities affected by the high influx of refugees in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.