About the programme

Hakaya Storytelling programme is part of the long-term collaboration that engages the British Council in Jordan with Al Balad theatre. We aim through the Hakaya storytelling platform at using storytelling as a tool to access communities in Eastern Amman and in the governorates outside Amman. We aim also at giving youth the voice to express themselves through the storytelling art form. We believe at the British Council at Building confidence and professionalism in this emerging art form and we aspire at creating more opportunities for Jordanian and UK storytellers to exchange ideas, stories and skills.

The British Council and Al Balad Theatre arranged during the pilot phase of the programme 2014 a number of workshops and performances to a group of aspired young people who attended from different governorates and helped them develop their skills in storytelling. The project consists of two components including UK performances as part of the annual Hakaya Storytelling Festival and a capacity building training programme, where experienced UK storytellers deliver workshops and residencies for different groups of Jordanian young people drawn from different geographical areas in Jordan.