About the programme

The British Council audience development programme is an interactive capacity building programme that is designed for a group of arts and cultural organisations in Jordan and it aims at introducing these entities to different principles and reasonings behind audience development and the tools to do this effectively. It is also designed to equip the participating entities to undertake effective audience development – increasing audiences, deepening engagement and gaining support.

This programme comes as a response to the ‘EUNIC call for action’ produced in 2013 as part of a project funded by the EU Delegation in Jordan. It is delivered by Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, the award-winning creative cultural consultancy agency in the UK that has specialism in providing audience insight for museum, galleries, performing arts organisations and festivals.

Seven arts and cultural organisations attended the introductory and advanced workshops in February and March 2015, they worked on their several projects action plans. In May 2017, British Council launched the first of its kind “Jordan’s Audience Atlas”. It is a practical and accessible tool for the use of arts and cultural organisations providing them with a wealth of data to help them put audiences at the heart of their work; it supports a deeper understanding of their market using segmentation and data that is rich and powerful.