The British Council and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) collaborated on the first phase of Design for Impact programme (August-October 2017). Design for Impact is a 3-month programme for product designers and product-based creative enterprises to build and scale up their creative businesses and find opportunities of collaboration with local artisans.

Designers and local artisans went through a process of exploring, building, and exhibiting products and business models.

The programme went through three stages. The first stage was exhibiting, where designers met with artisans, explored collaboration opportunities, created partnerships and formed teams.

In the second stage, a Creative Enterprise Workshop was designed for designers and delivered by Nesta innovation organisation from the UK. In this workshop, designers learnt how to build and develop inclusive business models for their creative enterprises and prototyped their ideas together with their partner artisans.

In the last stage, designers and artisans showcased and exhibited their outcomes & processes during Amman Design Week in October 2017.