About the programme

British Council has a longstanding support to improve learning and teaching in Jordan. Our ‘Educators of the Future’ Programme aims to improve learning outcomes for students and equip young people with deep learning skills in order for them to participate in a global economy. In particular, it supports the cited premise improving learning requires good teachers and great classroom practice recognising the centrality of teachers to learning and the need to use teaching techniques based on the best available evidence of what works to improve learning. 

We will achieve this through:

Professional dialogue

  • Policy makers and senior practitioners will develop an enhanced understanding of the importance of core skills for young people and of international best practice related to this. They will do this by contributing to and engaging in research and through their participation in professional dialogue events and best practice study visits with peers from other countries. 
  • This will be linked to the work that is being done in the other areas of the programme. Ensuring the buy-in of policy makers helps to generate demand for engagement at local, state and/or national level, and contextualises the programme so that it is understood to be relevant.  

Professional development

  • Teachers will be able to access professional development that introduces the rationale for core skills development and supports them to develop their pedagogy in these core areas. The thematic focus of the professional development will be shaped by consultation with policy makers via professional dialogue. 
  • Professional development will be based on best practice models (i.e. a range of learning that includes, for example,  face to face and online learning, active participation in a school based project).