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by Matt wright - Going global 2013

Going Global 2020: the Social Distancing Edition

We are excited to announce that, in the absence of a Going Global conference this year, we are offering a digital alternative so that leaders and future leaders can continue the conversation around internationalising higher education. Together we will explore this year's theme: Global learners, global innovation.

You are invited to participate in a host of events throughout the month of June, completely free of charge, which include: 

• live interactive events with sector leaders - see below for details about two of these events;

• webinars delivered by our partners;

• blog posts from our contributors;

• a poster gallery, featuring posters from our partners and contributors, which showcase the latest news and insights from the HE sector.

Below you'll find two of our confirmed live events. Check our website for details about our other events and content.

Live Event: Global Learners and Universities of the Future

1 June 2020, 3pm - 4pm (UK time) - In this virtual session our experts will discuss what it means to be a global learner and explore what tomorrow's universities will look like.

Live Event: Global learning in a post-COVID world

29 June 2020, 3pm - 4pm (UK time) - In this live panel debate and Q&A session, we will hear from sector leaders and get their take on how COVID-19 is affecting global learning in the higher education sector.

Visit our website to find out more about our programme.  All live events and webinars will be recorded and shared on our website.


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