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The 'Mapping the Jordanian Learner Journey' full report is available for download at the bottom of the page. This report comes as part of the British Council Global Higher Education programme and the strand of enhancing student outcomes.
The study was conducted by Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in UK with the support of the British Council and in collaboration with the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions (AQACHEI) in Jordan and the Cotswold Research Consultancy.


Our Aims

As part of this programme we aim to:

•Work with concerned stakeholders and UK partners on strategy and policy development 
•Encourage local and international discussion and debate around higher education issues and challenges
•Support government policies for increased growth in employment through skills-based qualifications 
•Take part in professional networks and dialogue that promote information sharing  
•Encourage employers to be engaged in Higher Education to develop “Employability Led Curricula” 

We contributed in 2019/2020 in Building Capacity of STEM Early Career Academics in the Jordanian Universities.

The overall aim of the programme was to entail a practice-based Signature Learning Experience (SLE) for academic staff / faculty employed in Jordanian universities to develop their fit-for-purpose teaching and research excellence as well as mentoring and leadership skills.

Our Activities

The Training programme for Early Career Academics 

This training consisted of the following sequential series of workshops which have been delivered between October 2019 to January 2020.  Each workshop has included experiential, practical sessions to enhance the participants’ learning, allowing for the monitoring and evaluation of the participants’ SLE outputs and learning outcomes. 

Workshop 1: Higher Education Learning Strategies in the 21st Century on 21&22 October2019, hosted by Princess Sumaya University for Technology.
Workshop 2: Navigating Research Excellence, hosted by Philadelphia University on 20&21 November 2019. 
Workshop 3: Civic Engagement on 16 &17 December 2019, hosted by Al-Ahliyya Amman University.
Workshop 4: Leadership and Management, on 20&21 January 2020 hosted by University of Petra.

The Training for the Directors of Faculty Development and Quality Assurance Centres in the Jordanian Universities in the last two years 2017/2018 & 2018/2019. Impact article produced and published on our work on the development training for the Directors of Faculty Development and Quality Assurance Centres available here. 

National Education Employer Dialogue (NEED)

In focusing upon the Graduate Enterprise Services dimension of the entrepreneurial university model (Al-Dajani et al, 2014) in Jordan, the Core Group of the British Council Jordan sponsored Jordanian Entrepreneurial University Programme identified these burgeoning services in Jordan’s universities, alongside the need for academic and professional services staff capacity building, to enhance the impact and effectiveness of these services.  As such, the Core Group designed the National Education Employer Dialogue (NEED) series during their meeting in December 2016 in Amman to focus on this priority.

NEED1 seminar ‘embedding employability in higher education’ conducted in March 2017.
NEED 2 seminar “Developing Curricular Activities for Graduate Employability Readiness” conducted in December 2018
NEED 3 seminar “Mentoring within Higher Education” conducted in December 2018.
NEED4 Seminar “Peer to Peer mentoring in Jordan’s Higher Education Sector” in January 2020. 

Our contribution in building the capacity of the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for the Higher Education Institutions and the National Qualification Framework Committee members through:

  • Scoping visit conducted for experts from the United Kingdome to map the current needs through conducting interviews and focus groups for local experts who will be implementing the National Qualifications Framework in February 2019.
  • “Peer Learning Forum” conducted in April 2019.
  • Scoping visit for National Qualifications Framework members in Jordan led by British Council and UK expert to the UK, to explore the best practice in the National Qualifications Framework in England and Wales in October 2019.
  • Two workshops conducted “Communications and Engagement” and “Quality Accord” for Jordan’s National Qualification Framework implementation, with participation from different representatives from different ministries, institutions, universities and universities’ students who will be involved in the implementation of the Jordan’s National Qualifications Framework in December 2019.
  • Our contribution with Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for the Higher Education Institutions in the launching event for the implementation of the National Qualification Framework, His Excellency The Minster of Higher Education has opened the ceremony with attendance of the presidents from different public and private universities and participants from different Education sectors.

We have implemented the advanced capacity building training programme for the Directors of FDQACs in Jordan’s universities, consisting of 3 consecutive workshops delivered in March 2019.  Each workshop has included practical, hands-on sessions to enhance peer mentoring, and to allow for the monitoring and evaluation of the participants’ learning. In addition, three workshops were  conducted from October 2018- February 2019 under the below titles:

Workshop 1: Applied Higher Education Learning Strategies in the 21st Century
Workshop 2: Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating Research and Innovation Services for Faculty Development and Quality Assurance Centres at Jordanian Universities.
Workshop 3: Applied Leadership Training for Directors of the Faculty Development and Quality Assurance Centres at Jordanian Universities

Read more about our activities on the British Council Internationalising Higher Education website.

More Information

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