A young boy holding a book

Our Kids Read project aims to encourage a love of reading in young people – with the long-term goal of improving academic performance, language and critical thinking. 

Sponsored by HSBC Bank Middle East Ltd and Affiliates, Kids Read currently takes place across 11 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. HSBC Bank employees volunteer to work with children at community events, encouraging them to read books in English for pleasure.

What we've been doing

As part of the Kids Read project in Jordan to date, we have:

  • worked with almost 500 children across 12 schools in Amman – we plan to add six more schools to the list soon
  • expanded the fiction sections of libraries in each participating school, providing approximately 50 titles per school
  • developed the primary reading training skills of ten HSBC employees, creating reading advocates in schools
  • held nine community events to increase parents’ understanding of how to support their children’s reading. These events have involved storytelling and arts and crafts activities for the students. They have taken place in a wide variety of venues, including the Jordan Children’s Museum Library, the Irbid SOS Orphans Children’s Village and the King Hussein Children’s Cancer Hospital
  • added an English for Special Needs component to our Kids Read community events via an in-house project for the deaf, which has enabled us to run signed storytelling events for deaf children.

"We are excited to participate in the Kids Read programme and are proud to have our employees volunteer in this activity. We look forward to being part of the upcoming Kids Read activities in other areas in Jordan to fulfil the programme's goals.” 

Melika Betley, CEO of HSBC Bank Jordan