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Language for Resilience is the British Council's global portfolio of work in Education in Emergencies and highlights the opportunities inherent in language learning to foster resilience in individuals, communities and institutions. 

Hosted by FutureLearn, this MOOC aims to provide teachers with an understanding of the patterns of migration and its impact on teaching and learning. Moving from theory to practice, it will equip teachers with a range of approaches and methods to build inclusion, support and empathy into the classroom environment while promoting student performance. 

What teachers will learn

By the end of this four-week course, teachers will have considered:

  • Global trends in migration and displacement. 
  • The range of educational pathways for students from formal to informal to remedial and the role of the community in supporting learning.
  • Profiles of primary and secondary students impacted by conflict and displacement.
  • Tools, techniques and tips for teachers in coping with their own trauma and that of their students. 

Course highlights

Throughout the course, a range of interviews with teachers working in Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon are embedded and participants are encouraged to reflect on their own teaching and learning experiences. 

The course is moderated by experts in the field of Language for Resilience who have an in depth understanding of linguistics, trauma and classroom dynamics. 

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