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Together we go further - Partner Schools

UK International School Qualifications can unlock your child's potential

Helping your child achieve their best at school and beyond takes teamwork. Together with you and our educational partners, the British Council helps them flourish and fulfill their potential. 

Why choose UK International School Qualifications?

  • A globally recognised education: One of the most widely sought-after international school qualifications, welcomed by over 800 of the world’s top universities
  • A holistic learning pathway: An education that stresses on creativity, critical thinking, and flexibility: students acquire transferable skills that will prepare them for higher education, work, and life 
  • A focus on both breadth and depth: Offers a variety of subjects to suit their skills, preferences and life aspirations, making learning fun and engaging.

To learn more about these qualifications and explore the findings of our recent research study, click here.

Why choose a British Council Partner School?

As a parent, you want to ensure that the school you choose for your child will provide a well- rounded and enriching learning experience. When you choose a British Council Partner School, your child will receive all the support they need to flourish.

Together with our education partners we enable schools to deliver the best learning outcomes for students:

  • Supporting academic excellence: Our global community of over 85,000 teachers and school leaders actively engage with our professional development resources, networking opportunities and research which support students to achieve academic excellence. Discover the inspiring journeys of successful Partner Schools' alumni in their stories of achievement and excellence.
  • Shaping global citizens: Programmes such as Partner Schools Connect, which link our 2100 schools across the world, provide your child with a more global perspective as they become part of a diverse learning community that extends beyond the classroom. 
  • Developing 21st century core skills: Activities such as the British Council’s Your World video-making competition help students develop 21st century core skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and communication. 
  • Fostering a safe and secure learning environment: We help schools create a safe environment for their students, by providing safeguarding resources, child protection awareness training and e-safety support for parents, students and schools.
  • Creating opportunities: British Council’s wider expertise in education, arts, culture, and the English language creates a positive impact for our school communities, giving students easy access to international culture and educational opportunities. 

"Being a British Council Partner School has given us the opportunity to access a vast network and intensive resource in the field of education and examination operations. The British Council has been offering us a wide range of benefits and professional services to enhance our schools and to enjoy sustainable growth together.”

Ms. Jala Akho - IG Programme Coordinator, Al Ittihad Schools

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