Since 1948, British Council Jordan has been in the same location on Rainbow Street, which has enabled us to establish our name and reputation and become well known to many generations of customers and partners.

But at the same time we have been able because of this stability to innovate, grow and develop new opportunities for Jordan and the UK to build sustainable relationships based on trust and mutual respect. If you have not visited us recently, please come along and enjoy our new café and garden space.

The number of Jordanian organisations seeking to partner with us is increasing and this is matched by growing interest from educational and cultural institutions in the UK. Also, we are working more and more with our European counterparts and our membership of EUNIC (EU National Institutes of Culture) and delivery of projects for the European Commission are very important to us. 

Above all else, what we understand at the British Council is that Jordan has a young population that is demanding to be heard and we want to be part of their future through our activities in Education, Society, English and the Arts. All of our activity will be aimed at accompanying the Kingdom on its journey towards a more open, inclusive, prosperous and democratic society.

Last year, British Council Jordan reached 639,000 people – an amazing 10% of the total population – and a further half a million were in contact with us through various social media (our Facebook and Twitter accounts) and as website visitors. We have ambitious plans to grow and extend our impact even more with our current and new customers and partners.

We aim to be seen as the leading cultural relations agency promoting positive change across Jordan through dialogue and exchange with the UK and other countries in this region and beyond. Our global network of British Council offices in 110 countries will allow us to do this and we are confident we will exceed the 21 business visits to our Jordan office by international partners during the year 2012–2013.

Our commitment to inclusivity and diversity is reflected across our programmes and we know this is appreciated by our contacts – which we hope includes you!

British Council Jordan