UK alumni - share your UK study experiences

UK alumni network members act as key ambassadors building long-term relationships between the UK and Jordan. Members have access to exclusive events, and receive a regular newsletter featuring news and career information.

The British Council Jordan is unable to answer UK study enquiries from prospective students, whether by email, telephone or at our centre. Please visit the Study UK website for more information about studying in the UK. If you are a UK institution looking for information on our work in Jordan, please see the SIEM website

Become an UK alumni network member

The aim of the British Universities Alumni Association (BUAA) is to bring together UK graduate professionals from different backgrounds and disciplines. The association facilitates the creation of a network of relationships providing a platform for personal and professional development. In addition, this group of scholars serves as an information unit for young Jordanians on educational and professional matters, and in doing so the BUAA will ultimately contribute to the progress of Jordan. 

The BUAA undertakes the following:

  • organising cultural, social, and sports activities that serve the interests of its members
  • offering facilities to members to ensure their professional and social stability
  • developing relations of friendship and cooperation between the association and those associations with similar objectives both in Jordan and abroad
  • consolidating relations between members and the educational institutions where they studied, and working to ensure the continuity of these relations in order to contribute to the development of Jordanian society
  • contributing to cultural activities to enhance mutual understanding between Jordan and Britain on both individual and societal levels
  • offering advice to members and their relatives who wish to study abroad (in the UK) in the light of members' experiences, and keeping in contact with them while abroad in order to encourage and support the activities of the association both within Jordan and abroad. 

The founding members of the BUAA would like to invite all Jordanians who graduated from British universities to join the association. Find out more about BUAA membership benefits.