Thursday, 19 June 2014

British Ambassador, Peter Millett hosted a GREAT Garden Party on Wednesday 18 June at his Residence.  The party showcased the UK’s GREAT campaign, which is a campaign aimed at highlighting everything that is GREAT about GREAT Britain and in particular, the UK’s vibrant creative and education sectors.  Oscar winning British film producer, Gareth Unwin, who produced the award winning “The King’s Speech”, spoke at the party about the strength of the UK’s creative sector.   The event also highlighted the vital work that the Embassy and British Council does in Jordan. 

Ambassador Millett said: “the aim of the party was to show what is “GREAT” about Britain and to shout about our dynamic creative and education sectors, not to mention the vital role that the Embassy and British Council plays here in Jordan. We provide support and assistance to Jordan in so many different ways ; from business support and partnerships through the UK Trade and Investment team, to humanitarian support through UK Aid to help communities hosting Syrian refugees and of course our important Defence and Cultural relationships through our Defence and British Council teams.  We have a GREAT partnership with Jordan and we are keen to celebrate it “