Sunday, 22 September 2013


29 universities from the United Kingdom and over 700 Jordanians participated in the first Education UK Exhibition (EDUKEX) in Jordan, organised by the British Council, showcasing the extensive number of courses and higher education institutions available to Jordanian students seeking to go to university in the UK. 

EDUKEX was held to provide Jordanians looking to study abroad with an opportunity to meet and interact with representatives from some of the UK’s top universities. Visitors to the exhibition were given guidance and access to all the information they need to apply to study in the UK, including details of available degree courses, the application process, important deadlines and entry requirements.

Robin Rickard, British Council Jordan Director said, “the British educational system is recognised as one of the best in the world and provides students from every corner of the globe with the opportunity to gain qualifications that will kick start their careers and give them the tools to contribute positively to the growth and development of their home countries. This is the first time we hold this exhibition in the Kingdom and the number of people who attended demonstrated the strong appeal there is in Jordan to study in the UK and gain a higher education that is respected and valued worldwide.”

During EDUKEX, the British Council and the British Embassy also held various sessions to provide students with essential information about the IELTS English proficiency test, English language development and various other vital entry requirements needed to study in the UK. 

Richard Hewitt, regional manager for a UK university commented, “the British Council in Jordan exhibition has been a very successful event and an excellent advertisement for UK higher education. Students have been able to meet a good number of UK universities and discuss the vast selection of programmes that are available to them. Students have been provided with a great opportunity to get the right advice at a time when they need to make important decisions which will shape their future.”

EDUKEX is part of British Council's efforts to enhance cultural and educational relations between the UK and Jordan and to promote the comprehensive options and world class standards of the British educational system. This exhibition comes as part of British Council Services for International Education Marketing (SIEM), which provides a set of seven bespoke and standard services designed to cater to UK educational institutions’ diverse international marketing needs.

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