Sunday, 06 September 2015 - 17:00 to Wednesday, 09 September 2015 - 18:00
Amman, Jordan

This is the second year of collaboration between the British Council and Al Balad Theatre in the annual Hakaya Storytelling Festival. Two experienced UK Storytellers will be delivering performances and workshops in Amman and other governorates. A group of Jordanian young people, who were equipped with skills and confidence after the Hakaya Residency workshop in June 2015, will be delivering also performances along with the UK Storytellers. 

The performances will be as the following:

Name of Storyteller Type of Activity Date Time Venue
New storytellers Performance for the family 6 September 2015 17.00 - 18.00 Mousa Al Saket Centre
Tupp  Performance for children 7 September 2015 15.30 - 16.00 Ruwwad Al Tanmiyeh
Helen East Performance for the family 7 September 2015 15.00 - 16.00 Danish Refugee Council - Al Mahatta
Tupp Performance for the children 8 September 2015 18.00 - 19.00 Paris Square
New storytellers Performance for the children 9 September 2015 19.00 - 20.00 Al Hashmyi Square

For more information, please visit Hakaya Festival's official Facebook page