If you are applying to the Hungarian scholarship or seeking to study master’s or PHD degrees, you are eligible for a free and a special offer that includes:

1. Free information session on the IELTS Test that include:

  • How the test is conducted and its system
  • Detailed introduction about the test
  • Examples about the questions from the 4 skills of IELTS
  • Tips and strategies.

2. Provide priority for test dates availability

3. Practice materials that include:

  • Free practice and assessment materials from our website
  • Interactive practice materials through British Council’s Apps
  • Online interactive mock test

4. A free IELTS consultancy service when you register for the test (Original value is 23 JOD)

5. Provide assistance to register for the test after the session.

Upcoming sessions: 

Date Location Time
3 February 2024 British Council 1.00 PM
6 February 2024 British Council 6.00 PM

*Please note that upcoming sessions will be updated regularly.