A-levels are an important foundation in terms of knowledge and certificates for my planned academic career








My name is Tristan and I am 17 years old. I am currently taking my A2 courses at the Modern School in Amman/ Jordan, and I am sitting my A-level exams in 2014-2015 with the British Council.

Why I took A-levels

For A-levels I am taking Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Arabic, and I have also taken an AS-level in Biology. I am taking these A-level subjects both for the knowledge I gain in the courses and because A-levels are internationally recognized by universities.

How taking A-levels with the British Council has helped me

A-levels are acknowledged by universities all over the world, so I have a broad choice in this respect, offering me a wide range of opportunities. In addition, A-levels provide a high level of knowledge and also important skills necessary for further study at university. As A-levels are highly specialized and give students many options, I am able to choose subjects relevant for my future scientific career.

If I had a tip for A-level students

Depending on your school, A-level subject combinations can be very well adapted to whatever subject you intend to study or whatever career you are planning. The high degree of specialization typical of A-levels allows you to focus on that which is important for you, but also means you have to decide early on what to do in the future. Therefore, if you have definite plans and are up to studying thoroughly, taking A-level subjects will probably serve you well.

What is next for me

I plan to study Physics and Mathematics at university and continue my career as a physicist or mathematician, because I am truly fascinated with the beauty and exactness of these disciplines, and A-levels have paved that way for me.