The British Council has been teaching English to young learners for over 75 years. We provide children and teenagers with a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment.

We know that language learning is most effective when learners enjoy themselves and participate fully in lessons. We also know that children learn best when their parents are interested and involved in their learning process.

Parents must be present when an under 18 re-registers.

How we teach

We will:

  • teach your child with others of a similar age and level.
  • use a coursebook but add to it stories, games and other fun activities.
  • give your child lots of opportunities to use the language they are learning by speaking with other children, and by practising a range of writing genres. This helps build confidence and give them skills they can use in school.
  • use a range of different activities in each lesson. This helps children stay active and focused throughout the lesson. Different children learn in different ways – some through seeing, some through listening, some through moving around, so a variety of activities can make sure all children learn well.

Assessment & Progress

We will:

  • assess your child in reading, writing, listening and speaking . We use short tests in lessons throughout the term. 

We’d like you to:

  • talk to your child’s teacher if you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress or participation.
  • come to the meeting at the end of the term. 



We will:

  • give your child homework every week to support what they have done in class. This is written in their ‘homework record’ in their notebook.
  • check the homework in the next lesson.

We’d like you to:

  • check that record and sign when your child has finished their homework.
  • write on the homework record if you had to help your child or it was very difficult for them.


Keeping Your Child Happy – Our Behaviour Policy

Our rules:

1. Follow instructions

2. Listen to teachers, staff and other students

3. Let everybody fully take part in activities

4. Keep everybody safe

We will:

  • teach children that everybody is welcome and important at the British Council.
  • teach children about what behaviour is good and explain to children when they do things that are not good.
  • speak to you when your child’s behaviour is repeatedly not good or they have done something seriously wrong about how you can help them behave better.  If your child cannot improve, we will write a warning letter, and if they still cannot improve we will ask you to stop bringing your child to learn with us.
  • speak to you if your child has been bullied.
  • only discuss your child’s behaviour with you (not other parents).

We’d like you to:

  • work with us to help your child follows these rules.


Keeping Your Child Safe – Our Child Protection Policy

We will:

  • look after your child from when they arrive until you collect them.
  • only let your child go home alone if you have told us they can (if they are 11 or older).
  • only let your child go home with the people you have told us about.
  • speak to you if your child has hurt themselves.

We’d like you to:

  • bring and collect your child on time.