Our activities

This project, co-founded by the European Commission and the British Council, aims at strengthening the role and capacity of disability-focused civil society organisations to work with local government in decision-making processes and in monitoring the promotion of the rights and experiences of disabled people in policy design.

Throughout this project, we work with three main sectors; government, media and Disabled Persons Organisations and non-governmental Organisations. We implement this project in six countries, namely Lebanon and Jordan from the MENA region, in addition to four other countries from West Europe. The implementing partner in Jordan is “I Am a Human for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”. Through this partnership we aim to ensure a better-understanding of inclusive decisions and the representation of people with disabilities in the policy-making process as well as safeguarding their rights.

Activities during 2014 - 2015

Regional Training of Trainers (ToT) in Lebanon, November 2014 

This training targeted representatives from local authorities, civil society organisations and the media, to ensure that they have the necessary skills and confidence to apply the newly-developed participatory decision-making framework/ toolkits. Twelve participants from Jordan from the different sectors have attended the Training of Trainers session. 

Local Trainings, January - February 2015

We implemented three cascade trainings in Jordan as a preparation phase under the slogan “Nothing About Us Without Us”, with the attendance of sixty five participants from different organisations. This has led to better representation of persons with disabilities in the policy-making process, and better understanding and protection of their rights.

Launching the Toolkits; Policy Makers, Media & NGOs, May 2015

Under the Patronage of HRH Prince Mired Ra’ad Bin Zeid Al Hussein, and with the attendance of around 200 representatives, the British Council launched three training toolkits targeted at policy makers, the media and non-governmental organisations and Disabled Persons’ Organisations for the Inclusive Decision for Equal and Accountable Society “IDEAS” Project. A roundtable discussion followed the launching ceremony, aimed at discussing the piloting phase of the project and the dissemination criteria of the training toolkits, through arranging national workshops and awareness sessions with local and international institutions to cascade the toolkit content.

International Networking Event in Ukraine, June 2015

The main objective of the networking event was to share experience within the six countries, dissemination of the project results was one of the key actions for information sharing and for ensuring the sustainability of the project.

Nine representatives from the media, local government and non-governmental organisations from Jordan joined the networking event in Ukraine.