The International School Award is a prestigious badge of honour for schools that can bring an international dimension to teaching and learning. The accreditation aims to introduce or develop your school’s international dimension by providing:

  • a framework for international partnerships and global learning
  • recognition for teachers and their school
  • opportunities to raise the school’s profile through local and national media.

All schools are eligible to gain the International School Award. The accreditation framework helps you to record and evaluate international work and embed it into the curriculum and whole school ethos.

Your global partnership could help bring the school together and improve its sense of collective ethos and identity. British Council Schools Online web community can assist you in finding a partner and achieving the accreditation whilst supporting your school as they develop their international strategy.

We have celebrated The International School Award in October 2014 at Queen Rania Center for Educational Technology and Information Management with 7 fully Accredited Schools. One of the ISA activities included creating art with recycled plastic bottle caps. 
Schools Online launch and International School Award Ceremony 2012. The Secretary General for Ministry of Education attended the ceremony and handed the certificates and gifts for the participants and winners in ISA 2012, winners were from military schools, governmental schools and UNRWA schools.
International School Award Regional Ambassadors Training. Regional Ambassadors Training was held at Dead Sea/Amman in September 2014. Ambassadors from Iraq, Palestine and Jordan were trained by two Indian trainers on how to assess ISA portfolios and how to support schools to win the award.