About the programme

Our work in skills, vocational education and enterprise provides links and bridges to our offers in English and Arts. It also crucially provides links with business and opportunities for partnership. The skills platform is cross-cutting and connects our work in Education to our work in Society. Young people with relevant skills for employment and enterprise and a global outlook will help their communities and countries to develop and prosper.  

Our cultural relations work in skills supports the British Council purpose, builds trust and engagement, increases collaboration with the UK and responds to significant demand from the market and governments. Through this work knowledge and experiences are shared, the reputation of the UK is enhanced and new partnerships and relationships are formed. 

This is done by:

  • involving leaders –policy and decision makers in government, education and industry- in setting the agenda at the highest level to work together to address global skills challenges
  • providing partnership and knowledge sharing opportunities for influencers -senior educationalists and employers- to support skills development, promote innovation and build more opportunity and trust with the United Kingdom
  • giving aspirants -young people- new opportunities, higher aspirations and a greater global purpose.

Our activities

  • Policy dialogue at country, regional and international level to facilitate sustainable change and share and promote strategic goals and themes
  • Partnerships for skills development create international networks and increased collaboration between education and skills institutions, industry and government
  • Enterprise and innovation. Enterprise activities, including awards and challenges, are delivered at country and regional level, and at international level through our global virtual challenges
  • Awareness raising activities are integral to our work in skills and enable us to deliver the outcomes we seek. We use events, television, radio, websites, the media and written materials to raise the profile and status of skills development internationally.