Get your students communicating more effectively and naturally in English, and reach your maximum potential in the TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) exam.

TeachingEnglish TKT Essentials is one of our online courses, meaning you can join our training sessions from anywhere in the world.

Our expert teacher trainers have many years of classroom experience and will guide you through every step of the course so you get the input and feedback you need to develop.

If you are a new teacher or are in pre-service training, you will learn about the essential aspects of communicative language teaching.

For more experienced teachers, the course is a great way to refresh your knowledge.

Take this course with the world’s English experts and you will:

•          Be more confident using the communicative approach in your classes.

•          Learn from our highly qualified and experienced British Council trainers.

•          Meet and share ideas with other teachers from all over the world.

•          Reach your maximum potential in the TKT test.

I can say that there is a big change in my teaching. Especially, in dealing with students with different learning styles."