If you need to practise writing and/or speaking before sitting for the IELTS test, register now for an IELTS writing or speaking practice test and we’ll help to evaluate your performance and advise on where you need to improve.

The writing test tasks and the speaking test questions are taken from official sample tests, conducted and marked by trained IELTS experts.


  • We will send you confirmation by email within 2 working days confirming the Speaking test date, time and venue.
  • You will be interviewed on the assigned day and given written feedback on your performance in the interview within 3 working days of your interview.
  • No final band score can be given. 


  • We will contact you by email within 2 working days to provide you with the Writing tasks and date to return your work.
  • Once your work is received, we will send you feedback on your performance within 3 working days of submitting your work.
  • No final band score can be given.


Writing: JOD 12

Speaking: JOD 15

You can register at our customer services desk at the British Council. For more information, please contact info@britishcouncil.org.jo.