Following local health authority and government guidance, we have taken steps to resume Computer-Delivered (CD) IELTS testing sessions at the British Council as of 1 July 2020. Booking is open for tests starting from 25 June 2020

To do this safely and prevent the spread of Covid-19, health precautions are in place to protect both candidates and staff. 

These include:

Self-declaration form: All test takers must sign a declaration form at the entrance of the exams area on test day to declare that they are eligible to attend the test session

  • Test takers should not attend the test if: they are under a quarantine, self-quarantine, stay-at-home or medical surveillance order, as specified by the local authorities OR if they have a high temperature, persistent cough, difficulty breathing or other flu-like symptoms
  • Test takers under 18 years have to get the declaration form signed by the guardian. The guardian will have to leave the test premises and return to collect their ward
  • Temperature screening will be in place at all test venues. Test takers with symptoms of fever will not be able to take the test and will be asked to leave the test venue
  • Social distancing measures must be adhered to – with other test takers and staff always two metres apart.
  • All staff and test takers will be required to use face masks and gloves – test takers attend to the exam venue wearing their own face masks and gloves.
  • New hygiene protocols in place with sanitation stations in the test centre.