The British Council supported community centres in Jordan to deliver high-quality English language programmes to marginalized and displaced youth in Jordan since December 2018. This support was in the form of training, resources, and materials for community centres which offered English language training in various parts of Jordan. It is part of the British Council’s wider work in the area of Language for Resilience which advocates for the importance of languages for refugees and host communities.

The project was based on a participant-led ethos, with decisions on the project which were taken by beneficiaries and communities involved in the implementation.  

The project has allowed young people in economically disadvantaged communities to develop their language ability both for its intrinsic value and so that they might have the capability to access pathways that they have reason to value.  

For teachers, we offer

• Moderated online courses in the English language.

• Moderated pedagogical training in teaching English to displaced and marginalized youth.

• Open access to classroom materials.