Call for Partners 

Overall Objective 

Young Mediterranean Voices programme

Young Mediterranean Voices is primed to become the central flagship regional youth network connecting civil society, education institutions and policy-makers across Europe and the Neighbourhood South (Southern Mediterranean and Europe).

This programme will bring the experience of Arab youth-led debate to other parts of the Euro-Mediterranean region. The programme will provide opportunities to open doors for young influencers to shape policy and media narratives. One of the most pioneering aspects of this programme is to contribute to enhance the “Euro-Med dialogue” paradigm by bringing the experience of a pan-Arab programme to the North and consequently challenging the traditional cooperation dynamics that were dominated by programming towards the South.

Programme Context

This project is grounded on the positive experience of Young Arab Voices and benefits from the support of the EU. “The EU will support the second phase of the Young Arab Voices programme to deepen the dialogue between young leaders and civil society representatives and counter extremism and violent radicalisation”. 

Re-opening the call for peer facilitators. 

Can you engage and inspire young people? Do you have a creative facilitation style that leaves a lasting impression? Then apply as a Young Mediterranean Voices (YMV) ‘Peer Facilitator’.

To apply: please submit your CV and a YouTube Video.

Closing Date: 11th August 2018

Important note: candidates who have already applied for the Peer Facilitator Open Call – do not need to re-apply.